About Vestrow

“We provide high net worth investors and institutions with secure, well-managed investment opportunities
offering returns not readily available on the open market.”


We connect Investors who are looking for higher returns in the current low interest investment environment and Borrowers with assets who face banks' lending restrictions and slow decision processes.

We provide a quick, simple and secure solution which provides up to 12% pa gross return before tax, with all loans fully assessed by our experienced team before being made available for investment.  Our Loan to Value meaning the amount loaned versus the value of the property will never exceed 75% therefore giving a 25% cushion in the event of a downturn in the market.

All valuations are assessed by our experienced team and an Independent Chartered Surveyor.


A New Approach

Borrowers and businesses can find it hard to secure loans due to bank lending restrictions, and those with funds to invest continue to suffer low returns from traditional market partners. With Vestrow, we can broaden your financial horizons by connecting investors and borrowers.

Investor Solutions

We provide investors an opportunity to obtain higher than average returns whilst diversifying across a range of alternative assets that have been historically reserved for institutional lenders, high net worth individuals or family offices. Whilst your capital and interest is not guaranteed we will always secure every investment by taking a legal charge over the asset as security.

Our Process