Invest with Vestrow


To date, Vestrow has had an exemplary track record. This is because the Directors of Vestrow co-invest. Of course, this does not mean that your future interest payments or capital are guaranteed, but we believe that our experience, loan-to-value ratios and the type of assets we take as collateral all allow us to carefully select loans and reduce the risk of you losing your capital.

The Directors of Vestrow co-invest in all loans. In addition, the Directors of Vestrow put their own money into loans in a first loss position. This means that the Vestrow Directors would lose money before investors do.

Benefits for Investors

Our Experience

As seasoned investors, our main focus is to reduce the capital risk, whilst maximising the returns such investments deliver, providing a wide range of investment opportunities normally reserved for larger institutions.

What We Do

We have a highly trained, skilled and experienced team of asset underwriters who meticulously assess all potential investment opportunities, they follow detailed policies and procedures supported by our 72 point Vestrow Verification Check (VVC) process.

Financial Overview

We use professional property valuers, RICS surveyor to value the property assets and ensure that our lending does not exceed the agreed loan to value so that, in the unlikely event of a default there is sufficient equity to recover the capital.

Money Management

To ensure prompt repayment, we work closely with the borrower during the course of the loan, and where appropriate, when property development is involved, we appoint a quantity surveyor to monitor the project’s progress against the loan.


We are experts in remediation and recovery, should any loan go overdue and, wherever necessary we employ professional specialists to assist in recouping any losses.

Loans Secured Against Assets

The assets are used as security if the borrower is unable to repay the loan

 Interest Rates up to 9% pa

We offer interest rates well above those offered by high street banks

Interest From The Point Of Investment

As soon as you invest in one of our loans, you will start earning interest immediately


Whilst your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed, we have a detailed internal compliance process managed by our proficient Compliance Team in order to ensure we are safeguarding against financial crime and protecting the interest of all our investors, all of the time.

Secured Loans

Vestrow arranges loans for individuals and businesses which are secured by an asset.

This means that if the borrower is unable to repay the loan, Vestrow, as agent for the investor, can sell the asset in order to repay the loan, although this does not mean that the return of your capital is guaranteed and there may be a delay in the return of funds.

Automated Online Process

Should an investor wish to lend money against a particular loan, the investor can select through Vestrow’s secure login area. Investors are under no obligation to lend against any loans if they do not wish to do so. Statements are available online and are updated daily.

Third Party Valuations

Vestrow will normally arrange for a third party valuation to be provided, on which investors can rely. This means that if the asset were to sell for well below the value in that third party valuation, then Vestrow should be able to pursue a claim of negligence against the valuer and thus recover sufficient proceeds to repay the loan.


How it works

Loans which require funding are posted on the Vestrow website with details of the value, interest rate payable and security of the asset. Interest rates vary, depending on the risk of each loan. Most offer 8-12% per annum. Those with a low risk may pay as little as 8% pa whereas riskier or more complex loans we may pay up to 12%pa.

Whilst your capital and interest is not guaranteed we will always secure every investment by taking a legal charge over the asset as security. The loan period varies from 6-18 months. However, the borrower may repay early – in which case investors are paid up to the date of repayment. Once the loan is repaid, interest and capital are returned to the investors account, and can then be withdrawn or reinvested.

No investment is without risk. Vestrow manages this by restricting the loan to value (LTV) to typically 70%. We do not use the borrowers’ credit scores as part of our lending criteria as we rely on the underlying asset as security. We do, however, perform background checks on our borrowers and rigorous due diligence on ownership and title. In the event of a default, for pawn loans we sell the asset at auction, and for property bridging and development loans we appoint a receiver. Interest continues to accrue until the asset is sold.

Despite these measures, your capital does remain at risk. Investors should always review each loan carefully and decide on whether the risk vs reward proposition is acceptable to them.